Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brianne Fitzpatrick and James Mason Denton III (or Trey)
The Old Red Courthouse and Museum

Lately, we have been feeling like we are on staff at the Old Red Courthouse. We have done so many weddings there that they contstantly ask, "What are you doing here...AGAIN!" It is wonderful though. We are so blessed to be plugged in with the people at this venue. They have an amazing staff that is so kind and fun to work with. We highly recommend this place! Enough about that...

We were so fortunate to be able to coordinate this wedding. Brianne and Trey are such a creative, unique, and loving couple. Brianne has an amazing sense of style and she really put time and effort into her wedding. We owe her the credit for the design of this event. We just helped put her ideas together, run the wedding, and helped her with a few design decisions.

Her photographer was Janelle of Engaged Studio http://www.engagedstudio.com/. We love her. She put together this great slide show for us to use on our blog! Thanks, Janelle.

Christian Melendez and Rudy Lopez

Santa Clara Catholic Church & The Rotunda

Christian and Rudy were such a cute couple. They fit each other so well. It was a pleasure to do the flowers for their wedding. Rudy is an architect, and he focused so much on the design of the event! It really paid off. It was a great wedding. Their flowers consisted of lime green and bronze cymbidium orchids, white hydrangea, white peonies, green kermit mums, and lots of grasses and leaves. It was very contemporary in styling and looked great.

Their photographer was our friend Cristina Wisner of http://www.wisnerphoto.com/. Thanks for the great pics again, Cristina! Take a look: