Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner

The most frequently asked question that we get asked by skeptics (people who think weddings are easy) is "why do I need a wedding planner?"
After almost 10 years in this business, we sometimes take for granted that not everyone knows what goes in to a wedding. 
These are some of our top reasons why brides (and her family & friends) need us!

Budget Planning
Planning out a budget is the #1 most important thing that a bride should do before anything else. 
A Planner can not only set up a budget, we will help you allocate your budget based on your priorities, where you want to spend your money and how to save money to make it all work.

AND... its not only for big budget brides, brides that are on a tight budget can really benefit from hiring a planner because we can often save a bride money by setting a budget early and "trimming the fat" so to speak. 

Vendor Recommendations 
Anyone can hop on Google and get a list of wedding vendors that are in their area but a wedding planner can tell you which vendors are worth looking at. 
Wedding planners get to experience 1st hand what kind of service a vendor really provides: Do they arrive on time? Do they dress appropriately? Are they polite to guests? How do they behave during an event? Do they bring everything that your ordered? Do they have expensive hidden fees that could break your budget? Do they do the bare minimum or go above and beyond? 
A planner can also help determine which vendors are within your budget. Theres nothing worse than falling in love with a vendor and then being heartbroken when you find out that hire them would completely break your budget. 

Busy Work
Planning a weddings can literally become a full time job. There is a huge amount of paperwork and correspondance. Most of our days, as wedding planners, are filled with back-and-forth emails to all of your vendors and, trust me, its not always fun or easy. 

Crisis Management 
I am sure most of our wedding guests just think that we stand around watching the wedding but what they don't know is that we are Academy Award winning actresses (well, we should be). 
Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving; thats what we are doing during a wedding. While we stand quietly off to the side we are juggling a dozen balls in the air and trying to make sure they don't hit the ground. 
- FOB forgets his tux
 - BM forgets the rings
- Bus with all the brides family gets lost and doesn't arrive on time
 - Bartender shows up without wine opener
 - Caterer doesn't bring serving spoons
 - The power goes out at the reception
 - Missing a Bridesmaid Bouquet
.........just to name a few!
(these have all happened to us, 2 of them happened at my own wedding!) 

Stress Minimizer 
Weddings are stressful. not just for the bride and groom but for everyone involved. A wedding planner  can help avoid unnecessary conflicts and minimize stress. If there is a conflict that arises between, say, a Bride and her mother or a Bride and a vendor, a wedding planner can be a great moderator and help calm the waters. 

We love our profession but take it from me, its not for everyone, HIRE A PLANNER! 

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