Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How-to: Make a Wedding Website

We get asked all the time about wedding websites. 
Our Brides want to know; Should I make one? Are they helpful? What should I put on it? What should it look like? 
Well, have no fear, we're here to help!

In this age of social media and technology, a wedding website can be a great way to get key information to your guests. 
Here are some examples of what to put on your website:
  • Hello! - This is a great way to tell your guests how excited you are about your upcoming nuptials and how happy you are that they are going to be joining you.
  • The Important Information - Let's face it, most guests lose or misplace their invitations. This is a great way to put all the important information (Time, Date & Location) in one place that they can visit anytime. 
  • Directions - Even if you don't think that your venue is hard to get to, the truth is some people are just directionally challenged. Your website is a great place to put a map and any helpful hints so your guests don't get lost. 
  • Travel & Accommodation Information - If you have out-of-town guests or just have guests that want to stay at a nearby hotel so they don't have to drive home, this is a great way to provide travel and hotel information. 
  • Gift Registry 
  • Photos - If you had professional engagement pictures taken, show them off (after all, you paid for them)
  • Wedding Party - Introduce your wedding party! Let everyone know who the special people in your life are and give them a shout-out for helping you put everything together. 
  • FAQs - Any other information that you want to tell your guests but don't want to put on the invitation: wedding attire, wether children are invited, if there are babysitting services provided, wether there is formal transportation, etc...
The most important thing is to have FUN with it. Your website is the first glimpse that your guests will have of whats to come. Make sure it matches your wedding, in style, color & over all look. 

One of our AMAZING brides has graciously let us use her website as an example.
Check out what a great job Kayse & Trey did on their wedding website:

Thanks for visiting - C & K

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